4 Misconceptions On Divorce Mediation

17 January 2018
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Mediation, an alternative form of divorce with huge benefits over litigation, is poorly understood. This is unfortunate because divorce is a complicated affair, and every step you take should be based on facts and facts alone. For example, here are some of the common misconceptions people have about divorce mediation: Mediation Is the Best Option for Divorce There are different approaches you can take to divorce your spouse, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all couples. Read More 

Common Reasons Insurance Companies Refuse To Pay Claims And What You Can Do

12 December 2017
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Every day, drivers across the country take a chance when they drive their vehicle onto the roadway. You never know when there is something or someone out there who can cause you to be in an accident, which is why carrying auto insurance is important. You probably fully expect the insurance company to be there for you after an accident, but this is not often the case. In fact, the insurance company will oftentimes come up with all kinds of reasons why they should not pay the claim. Read More 

Four Situations When An Executor Needs To Consult With A Probate Attorney

15 November 2017
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Many people mistakenly assume that there is never a need for a probate attorney if the deceased had a will, but this is not always true. There are many situations in which an executor will need to consult with an attorney after a person has died even with a will. The following are just a few of these situations. Relatives are fighting over the assets In many situations, there is no need for probate, especially if the assets can be easily transferred to the beneficiary. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Understand About Dealing With A Criminal Case

15 October 2017
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Those who face criminal charges can often find themselves at the mercy of the judicial system. If you face any criminal charges, you need to give your case the best possible chance. To do that, you need to understand a few things about dealing with criminal cases. 1. Understand, Not Doing Anything Is Not Going to Help You Many people facing charges may opt to not do anything about it. This often happens when they're facing lesser, misdemeanor charges. Read More 

It’s Different: What You Need To Know About Private Disability Insurance Denials

20 September 2017
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Having private disability insurance offers peace of mind, or at least it's supposed to. If you file a claim and are denied, that peace of mind can quickly slip away. However, one denial is not the end of the process. Admittedly, private insurance is a lot different than SSDI or employer-provided insurance, but you still may have some leeway. You May Have an Appeal -- or Not One of the big differences that you need to be aware of immediately is that private disability insurance does not always automatically allow appeals of denials. Read More